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Lee Elliott was part of an electrical design team working in the hotel group in London, England. His knowledge of lighting design has been used in art galleries, restaurants and focal points in private homes. Moods created for both day and night, lend an ambience to the simplicity of the design. Working in the hotel industry had posed challenges in the lighting of restaurants, foyers, receptions and suites. His experience working with complicated lighting panels proved indispensable to the ambience in Gordon Ramsey’s restaurant at the Connaught Hotel. After returning to South Africa, Lee has been very eagerly involved in the construction and development of projects for many clients, on both a large and small scale.

Susan Elliott began working with a boutique furniture company, when it first started in London, England. Her involvement included the development of the company and its concentrated efforts with up and coming design talent. Her experience led to her working with some of London’s top clients like Giorgio Armani and Annie Lennox. On her return to South Africa, Susan has been eagerly designing for both private clients and commercial properties. Susan’s flair for fabrics and furniture can be appreciated in the overall concept and decoration on all her projects.


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Building of a residence or simply refurbishing requires a building team that can assist with all aspects.  Elliott Designs, undertake to work with architectural plans and Engineers, in building feature homes for all their clients.  Regardless of how small the alteration may be, the use of creative design and a full turnkey solution is provided for all their clients. Elliott Designs has a team of contractors from electrical, plumbing, tiling and painting, and suppliers of all decorative finishes who assist their clients with all aspects of their home.  Specific design of furniture or lighting incorporated with the relevant professionals is paramount to a successful project.